LA Dog Products

All Life Stages Dry Dog Food

Formulated to supply dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages with a healthy and satisfying diet.

Wellness Food Supplement

Additional nutrients from real foods to help fulfill your dog's unique nutritional needs and achieve optimal health


Oatmeal and apple recipe with vitamins E and C, plus beta-carotene. Helps maintain a healthy immune system.



After almost losing my dog to a DOG FOOD RECALL I started searching for ways to make sure that never happens again. A week at the vet hospital, not knowing if I was going to ever see my little guy again. He means the world to me. He is not just a dog, he is my partner. Together we do Pet Therapy through Pet Partners, visiting hospitals, colleges, retirement home. He retrievers my medicine for me if I need it. He is always by my side and there for me. At the time, I thought I was giving him the best food, however my decision to feed him that food was the worst mistake ever. 1 ½ years of lots of different types of prescriptions foods, vet bills, lots of medical testing and he ended up with permanent damage. However, with the help of this dog food and products - I HAVE MY DOG BACK. Seeing the difference in him and the rest of my dogs, I knew I was doing the right thing with switching them to a non-commercial dog food.
It's a holistic food, 20+ years recall free - Made always in small batches to insure freshness and quality! - TRIPLE checked before being sent out - 30 day guarantee - No corn wheat or glutens - Prebiotics and probiotics for gut health - We have a line of treats and chews as well as supplements and shampoos and other care products! - Wet and dry food, grain free as well as puppy foods! - Shipped straight to your door on an auto ship you choose.
I will now only feed my 8 dogs Life’s Abundance Dog Food. I became an Independent Representative to help educate other dog lovers about this company and the products they carry. I save money on feeding this food because I don’t have to feed as much. My dogs are at their ideal weight, beautiful shiny coats, and most of all healthy happy dogs. If you would like to learn more about this then please contact me